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Value Creation Model

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Our value creation model focuses on supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their objectives. Capital is a catalyst for the value creation process. However, we view capital as necessary but insufficient to create value. We work closely with the entrepreneurs we back to drive the value-creation process. We take an active role on portfolio company boards of directors and work closely with entrepreneurs on operational, leadership, strategic and financial issues.

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The emphasis of our value-creation efforts is always on driving repeatable and scaleable revenue growth. We work with our companies to derive the unit economics of their business and to understand the drivers of lifetime customer value, including customer acquisition costs, unit contribution margins, and churn. Through an understanding of the mechanics of growth, our companies are able to use our capital to grow profitably and in a capital-efficient manner.

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We seek to facilitate a strategic planning session with most portfolio companies each year. The goal of strategic planning is to create alignment between the entrepreneur, management team and investors regarding the strategy and execution focus of the business. From the results of the strategic planning process, our entrepreneurs create annual operating plans and performance measurements that guide day-to-day execution. You have the wheel; facilitated strategic planning helps you create the shared road-map.

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Many of the businesses in which we invest are capital intensive, either in terms of asset-intensity or customer acquisition cost. Ours may not be the last capital you raise. We’ll help you put a comprehensive financing plan together that reflects the long-term capital needs of your business.

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A strong management team is the foundation of a growing business. We work actively with our portfolio companies to support the recruitment and development of high-caliber, high-performing teams.